There are five partners of the Erasmus+ Green Energy Skills for Youth project led by the Turkish-German University from Istanbul, Turkey. Other partners are from University of Maribor and ACE KIBLA from Slovenia, ZENTRALWEB from Germany and also ZETA from Turkey.

Turkish – German University founded with aggreement between governments of Turkey and Germany. And Faculty of Science of Turkish-German University consists of three main departments namely Energy Science and Technology, Molecular Biotechnology and Materials Science and Technology.

The University of Maribor is Slovenia’s second largest university, established in 1975 in Maribor, Slovenia. It currently has 17 faculties. Faculty of Natural Science and mathematics is a scientific, research and educational organization. The Faculty’s study programs are pedagogical (with 50 years tradition) and non-pedagogical, from the area of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Design and Technology.

KIBLA is a voluntary, independent and non-profit association for cultural, artistic, educational, research, computer, communication and information activities among the members of the association, which are brought together for the development of culture, art, education, research, computing, communication and information activities. Anyone can become a member of the association under the conditions set by association in the rules as the basic instrument of the association.

ZentralWeb GmbH is a software development company est. at 2012. We are providing the IT sevice, development of mobile applications and web based software. We support the project “Green 4 Youth” with our expirience and skills in the app and web development and social media marketing.

ZETA was established in 2000 with the vision of becoming one of the premier consulting companies in Turkey and delivering the best possible service to customers in the field of engineering, energy, environment and information technologies and business investments.