Third Meeting in Potsdam, Germany

The third Meeting was hold in Potsdam, Germany on 05th October – 07th October 2017. Follow themes was discussed:

Intellectual Outputs were discussed via a presentation prepared by Neşe Aral. During this
presentation some decisions have been done:

• The translation of the homepage should be prepared in 4 languages; English,
German, Turkish and Slovenian. Whereas the homepage is ready in English, but the
other languages still remaining for translation. Therefor it has been accepted to
translate all the information from Webpage till 10th of October as Word format,
moreover they should be transferred till 13th of October to the Webpage so that the
Webpage is available for the 4 languages.

• It has been discussed to prepare the supporting materials, especially before playing
the game. The participants should be informed about the games. To prepare the
documents, game contents should be prepared with the task sharing; Kibla especially
has the responsibility for the game graphics. In terms of supporting material
Infographics should be prepared by all of the participants till 15th of November. The
Infographics will be sent to Igor Korobkov for the publication on the webpage and
they should be published till end of the December. University of Maribor is
responsible for renewable energy sources and freen energy, Zeta Bilgi Teknolojileri is
responsible for pollution and carbon footprint and Turkish-German University is
responsible for ecosystem and recycling. Kibla should prepare the templates and
graphics for the production of Infographics.

Survey Result Discussion held via a presentation by İhsan İlker Çitli. The comments on the
result were written and will be shared from each participant. On behalf of the survey results
especially the games, competitive assays, educational systems and moodle tasks have been

After lunch, it has been discussed to create the Interim Report till 10th of November.

Games have been discussed and the tasks were shared. The group will produce 6 games to
increase the awareness about green energy for the youth. In detail, University of Maribor
will develop 2 games about wind turbine, Zentralweb will develop 2 games about all of the
topics; one will be a memory game and another will be a diary game consisted of about 40
questions, Zeta Bilgi Teknolojileri will develop also 2 games; one will an action game and
another will be an educative game. The participant Kibla will be responsible for the graphics
of all of the games:

• For the context of the games and for the graphics, assay and drawing contest should
be organized locally. The outcome from students will be priced and used in the
creation of the games. The detail will be discussed in the following skype, local and
transnational meetings.

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